Commercial Enterprises

Commercial Enterprises, a division of Commercialization and Regional Development provides a one-stop-shop for industry partnership and intellectual property development. Commercial Enterprises team members have valuable experience in business development and entrepreneurship. Directors of business development have applied knowledge of industry internal operations, management concepts and intellectual property protection vital to success. The mission of Commercial Enterprises is to identify, secure, and propagate economic value by leveraging Utah State University's intellectual capital and physical assets.

These technical laboratories operate within the business infrastructure of Utah State University’s Research Foundation and have become respected and prosperous institutions. Commercial Enterprises will facilitate the development of university intellectual property into commercial endeavors with industry, venture capitalists and commercial partners. Commercial Enterprises will continue to promote the heritage of innovation and performance at USU.

The goals of Commercial Enterprises include generating funded program revenue from the vast field of untapped resources in related commercial industries as well as strengthening and enhancing the intellectual property within USU and USURF. This partnership, between Commercialization and Regional Development and the USU Research Foundation, allows Commercial Enterprises the opportunity to unite research and development within all departments of the University and leverage investment to create commercial partnerships that will contribute to economic development within the state of Utah.


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